The Pet’s Cordless Filtered Water Fountain – Entice dog or cat to drink more water

You want to train your dog to drink water more often? Use the Pet’s Cordless Filtered Water Fountain, a battery powered water fountain for dog and cat designed to not just entice dog or cat to drink water but at the same time help remove impurities found in tap water.

Thanks to the water fountain’s skimming feature designed to capture unwanted particles including pet hair and other dirt, it even comes with a carbon filter designed to get rid of chemicals and other elements like metals that produce unpleasant water odor and tastes.

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Pet's Cordless Filtered Water Fountain

Pet’s Cordless Filtered Water Fountain

This filtered water fountain even comes with an integrated pump designed to create a stream of water so dog’s and your other pets will be encourage to drink more water often, a good idea to lessen the effect of kidney disease.

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Pet's Cordless Filtered Water Fountain 1

This Cordless Filtered Water Fountain is also designed to help combat tartar and plague build-up, thanks to its included dental tablets that are odorless and tasteless, helping your most favorite pet fight tartar problem and best of all, it is made of food grade plastic and is dishwasher safe.

You can buy the dog water fountain for only $59.95 with lifetime guarantee.