The Pet Pedometer Leash – A smart pet leash that pairs with smartphone to track walks and phone notification

The Pet Pedometer Leash [SOURCE] is not just unique when it comes to meeting your pet and your exercise needs because this pet leash also act as your virtual assistant in alerting you of your incoming text and calls while at the same time help you track your walks every time.

This smart pet leash is very easy to use, simply pair it with your favorite smartphone and using its free application, now you can keep track of your distance walked, time, maps of routes and more.

The Pet Pedometer Leash

The Pet Pedometer Leash

This pedometer leash even vibrates notifying you when you’ve already reached your goal, incoming phone calls, perfect if you want to stay in touch with your family while walking and exercising with your favorite pet.

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The Pet Pedometer Leash 1

The Pet Pedometer Leash also features an integrated LED flashlight and light ring right around its ergonomic handle perimeter to provide the owner with some visibility specially during nighttime walks and best of all, its included tangle-proof nylon leash that can be retracted easily and fully into 44 inches will allow the owner to handle the dog comfortably every time.

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