The Pet Nanny Cam – allows pet owner to monitor and interact with their favorite pet from anywhere in the world

The Pet Nanny Cam >>>[VIDEO]<<< is perfect for pet owners who wants to monitor their favorite pet from almost anywhere in the world, thanks to this uniquely designed camera equipped with wifi connectivity so pet owners can easily capture high definition photos and videos of their favorite pet even if you’re miles away.

This pet cam is capable of rotating up to 340 degrees and can easily record live video footages using any iOS or Android devices, thanks to its included application, monitoring or even communicating with your favorite pet is now possible.

The Pet Nanny Cam

The Pet Nanny Cam

The wifi camera already includes a speaker and microphone built into the device for communication purposes while its included laser pointer allows the pet owner to have an interactive play anytime.

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The Pet Nanny Cam 1

The Pet Nanny Cam also features a night vision mode that automatically activate and best of all, it is very easy to setup and use, just plug the device to your AC outlet, connect the device to your home wi-fi and you’re good to go.

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