The Personalized Hearing Enhancing Headphones – enhances your listening experience by customizing audio output to your unique hearing profile

The Personalized Hearing Enhancing Headphones are unique because not only it provides an enhanced listening experience to the wearer but at the same time allows the owner to customize the audio output in order to match it with your unique hearing profile.

These headphones are capable of measuring up to 8 different frequencies per ear designed to test your hearing properly and then automatically adjusts its output levels so you can clearly hear those notes and tone ranges without any problem.

Personalized Hearing Enhancing Headphones

The Personalized Hearing Enhancing Headphones

Unlike ordinary Bluetooth headphones out there that only increase the volume settings and then get the risk of auditory damage, these Bluetooth headphone models tailor the perfect tone and levels specific to your hearing needs.

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Personalized Hearing Enhancing Headphones1

These Hearing Enhancing Headphones allows the owner to easily increase or decrease the headphone’s bass, mid and treble output for each ear and best of all, it already comes with an integrated mic for that hands free calling any time.

You can buy the hearing enhancing headphones for only $149.95 with lifetime guarantee.