The Personalized Device Charging Notebook – A notebook with built-in 9000mAH power bank for charging 2 gadgets at once

The Personalized Device Charging Notebook —[SOURCE]— is equipped with 9000mAh power bank capable of charging up to 2 gadgets simultaneously all at the same time, perfect for writers out there that needs to lessen their loads when they’re on the go.

This notebook has a back cover where it houses the power bank plus it even includes 2 USB ports capable of supplying power to a laptop, tablet or even a smartphone.

The Personalized Device Charging Notebook

The Personalized Device Charging Notebook

This device charging notebook when fully charged will enable the owner to fully recharge their favorite iPhone 6 device to 100 percent and an iPad to 50 percent enough to give you all the time to do your stuff while at the same time taking notes of what you are doing.

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The Personalized Device Charging Notebook 1

The Personalized Device Charging Notebook has 6-ring spine enough to hold its included sheet of paper partnered with a magnetic clasp to secure the notebook while you’re traveling and best of all, it already includes a micro-USB cable, sheets of paper and a lightning cable. Weighs only 1.5lbs.

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