The Personal Soup Chef – Makes great tasting soup with minimal human involvement

You want to make your very own soup without worrying about chopping and simmering? Sure, now you can create great tasting home-produced vegetable soup automatically because this Personal Soup Chef will prepare everything from chopping vegetable to simmering broths all with minimal human involvement.

The Personal Soup Chef features a nice and solid glass pitcher that houses sharp blades used to cut or mix soup items, it also features a unique heating component that effectively sautés the vegetable and heats the soup without any problem.
The Personal Soup Chef

The Personal Soup Chef

Worrying about cooking temperature? No problem, because the Soup Chef will automatically maintain its preselected temperature from gentle to fast and rapid boiling of soup plus it even comes with digital timer and washable parts so you can clean up the device easily.

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This Personal Soup Chef is capable of making up to 11/2 quarts of soup and weighs 13lbs. Get one now and make some vegetable soup automatically.

-$199.95  at hammacher