The Personal Defense Device – a small yet powerful security device equipped with flashlight, alarm and stun gun

The Personal Defense Device (available here) is a uniquely designed personal security gadget for anyone who wants to equip themselves with a flashlight, alarm and a stun gun anywhere they go for personal protection just in case.

As a flashlight, this security device will provide a perfect illumination for up to 70 lumen, enough to brighten any pathways while its built-in alarm system will definitely scare any attackers using its 115dB siren because it can be heard up to 500 feet away, enough to get help from anyone just in case.

Personal Defense Device

The Personal Defense Device

The integrated Stun Gun on the other hand on this personal security device is perfect for incapacitating attackers temporarily for up to 1 second because it is powerful enough to give attackers muscle contractions.

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Personal Defense Device1

This Personal Defense Device already comes with a safety switch for turning the device on and off, a wrist strap so it can be used anytime as needed and best of all, it already includes a training video for teaching the owners how to properly use the device. Measures only 3x2x1 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 4 34oz.

You can buy the 3-in-1 security device for only $39.95 with lifetime guarantee.