The Perfect Ice Cube – Now you can create a perfect sphere of ice in one minute

The Perfect Ice Cube [SOURCE] is perfect in creating a two (2) 1/2 inch diameter sphere of ice in just a matter of minute of course without worrying about huge spaces and ice melting quickly because this ice cube maker is crafted to produce perfect ice so you can add it to your preferred drink quickly and easily anytime.

This ice cube maker is equipped with 2 mold section constructed using sturdy aluminum finished in anodized copper while the second section is just perfect for forming bottom hemisphere partnered with upper’s underside forms the top hemisphere.

The Perfect Ice Cube

The Perfect Ice Cube

The bottom mold on the other hand is capable of accepting a preformed ice cube using its included silicon preforms and its included cylindrical top slides over the lower is designed to compress the stationary cupcake-sized ice cube straight into a complete sphere in a matter of seconds.

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The Perpect Ice Cube even includes a vertical grooves integrated into its lower section to enable melt water to empty into its built-in basin and best of all, ice spheres will cool the cylinder so that even if you are running both halves under warm water, still it can produce great results. Includes a pair of stainless steel tongs.

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