The Peephole Smart Video Doorbell – Now you can see, hear and speak to your visitors from anywhere

The Peephole Smart Video Doorbell is the perfect replacement for your old and not so cool doorbell simply because it is capable of providing video so you can easily see, speak or even hear who’s outside the door from almost anywhere you are.

Thanks to its integrated video sensor capability of this unique doorbell, now you can easily interact with your visitors whenever they press the doorbell because it automatically trigger its full HD 1080p camera partnered with motion sensor and night vision so even at night you’ll be able to clearly see who is behind that door.

Peephole Smart Video Doorbell

Peephole Smart Video Doorbell

This smart video doorbell even comes with an integrated speaker for communicating directly to your visitors, even you are not home, allowing a two-way conversation will not be a problem because it can be operated using your own voice command.

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Peephole Smart Video Doorbell 1

The Peephole Smart Video Doorbell is very easy to use and install and because it it has a removable and chargeable battery pack capable of providing up to several months of using specially if the battery is fully charged using its included USB charger and best of, it connects easily to your home’s wifi network so you can see, hear and even speak to your guests from anywhere.

You can buy the smart video doorbell for only $199.95 with lifetime guarantee.