The Pain Relieving Wrist and Forearm Wrap – A flexible wrap designed to relieve pain in the wrist and forearm

The Pain Relieving Wrist and Forearm Wrap —[SOURCE]— is a flexible wrap equipped with soothing warmth and deep penetrating LED lights designed to relieve wrist and forearm pain, thanks to the wrap’s unique technology originally developed by NASA, easing discomforts in your wrist and forearm is now possible.

This wrap is perfect for treating discomforts caused by carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains, tendonitis and even arthtritis, thanks to its medical grade LEDs, penetrating deep into the skin in order to increase circulation, lessen swelling and even relieving joint pain in now effective than ever.

The Pain Relieving Wrist and Forearm Wrap

The Heated LED Wrist And Forearm Pain Reliever

This wrist and forearm pain reliever is even equipped with imperceptible element designed to heat the wrap for up to 114 degrees fahrenheit perfect for that therapeutic warmth you’ve been looking for on your skin’s surface every time you apply the flexible wrap.

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The Pain Relieving Wrist and Forearm Wrap 1

The Pain Relieving Wrist and Forearm Wrap is effective than any other wands out there because besides its hands-free function, this wrap also perfect for treating the entire wrist and forearm simultaneously, it even allows the owner to easily adjust the wrap using its hook-and-loop fastener. Weighs 12oz.

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