The Pain Relieving Neck Sling – Ease neck pain problem effectively

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling —[SOURCE]— is effective when it comes to helping the user lessen their neck pain problem, thanks to the sling’s suspended function, getting the perfect cervical traction to help get rid of your neck pain problem is now possible at home.

The neck sling is perfect in helping increase blood circulation and also to oxygenate nerves, tendons, muscles and even your ligaments simply by easing the pressure on the user’s vertebrae and to decompress cervical spine.

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling

This neck sling was created by physical therapist and can be easily used simply by attaching it to your door while you lie on your floor and because it is made with spandex partnered with polyester fabric, contouring it to the user’s head shape will not be a problem.

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The Pain Relieving Neck Sling 1

The Pain Relieving Neck Sling is hand washable and only measures 83/4×6.5×3.5 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 12oz.

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