The Outdoor Solar Heated Shower – harnesses the sun’s energy to warm water from a garden hose

The Outdoor Solar Heated Shower —[SOURCE]— is unique because it is capable of warming water from a garden hose simply by harnessing the sun’s energy.

This shower already includes a unique base that act as a unique housing for heated water, thanks to the shower’s transparent lid, penetrating the greenhouse with the power of sunlight to heat up the water is now possible any time.


Outdoor Solar Heated Shower

This solar powered shower is capable of producing up to 16gallons of heated water of course in just a matter of hours of sun exposure, enough to provide up to 4, 2min showers plus it even comes with an easy to use dial right on the shower’s pole so owners can easily combine cool with heated water.

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The Outdoor Shower has a water pressure that is powerful enough to easily rinse off unwanted dirt and even chlorine and best of all, it has a shower head that can be easily adjust or detach for easy position every time.

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