The Organized Crossbody Hip Purse – keeps personal essentials organized and easily accessible

You want to keep your important stuff while at the same time provide you a perfect way of organizing and easy to access features while you roam around this summer?

Try the Organized Crossbody Hip Purse (Currently Taking Orders Here), a very light yet sturdy crossbody or hip purse perfectly designed for anyone who wants to bring all their favorite stuff together so you can better enjoy your planned vacation without forgetting your important devices and other personal essentials.

Organized Crossbody Hip Purse

The Organized Crossbody Hip Purse

This lightweight hip purse or crossbody is made with all weather polyester nylon and comes with 2 main important pockets perfect for putting a wallet, gadget and make-up, it even comes with sidewall pockets so you can secure smaller items like passport or even your home and car keys.

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Organized Crossbody Hip Purse1

The Organized Crossbody Hip Purse is unique and slim just enough to be worn across the shoulder, waist and even provide that perfect convenience without sacrificing security every time and best of all, it already comes with an integrated RFID protection system, 2 adjustable straps, waist buckle and key tether. Weighs only 4oz and only measures 8.5×6.5×11/4 inches in length, width and diameter respectively.

You can buy this lightweight hip purse or crossbody for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.