The Oral Language Translator – Translates words, phrases or paragraphs instantly and orally

Can’t understand Italian, Chinese, French and other spoken languages? Now you can with The Oral Language Translator [SOURCE], a uniquely designed device capable of translating words, phrases or even paragraphs instantly in human voice and in natural diction.

The Oral Language Translator is built with 70k of English definitions and already comes with example phrases, correct enunciation plus you can even listen to each word so you can pronounce it properly, just touch the screen and you’re good to go.

The Oral Language Translator

The Oral Language Translator

This language translator device also allows the owner to type any word, phrases or paragraph from its built-in keyboard, select any category from food to drinks, banking or travel and a lot more right from its color LCD screen or you can even navigate through different menus using your very own voice or via its included stylus.

The Oral Language Translator 2

This Oral Language Translator can perfectly translate Japanese, Russian, Arabic, Farsi and a lot more plus it even comes with a built in games to even help you learn different foreign languages easily and uniquely. Go ahead and try it.

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