The Optimal Posture Office Chair – Provides perfect chest and back support

You want to keep that optimal posture during your long hours of working and playing? No problem, because the Optimal Posture Office Chair will help you provide the perfect chest or back support so you’ll never have to worry about back strain.

This optimal posture office chair is develop uniquely to help you lean properly to prevent strain caused mainly by hunching over. Thanks to its 180 degrees rest swivel feature that shifts your shoulder’s back nicely and your chest forward giving you a proper posture every time.

The Optimal Posture Office Chair

No more slouching, thanks also to its pelvis support function that works by providing the owner a nice and comforting forward slope that perfectly shifts the pelvis further and lifts the buttocks above your knees ensuring a nice semi standing position.

The Optimal Posture Office Chair 2

If you want to reduce the back, shoulder and neck stresses you are having while working long hours then this chair is just perfect and also a great addition to your office gadgets.

The optimal posture office chair has a nice tilt and height adjustable function while its included six casters and integrated footrests will surely help you get rid of any discomforts every time.

-$499.95 at hammacher