The Only Voice Authenticating USB Drive is not just one of those ordinary portable storage devices out there that simply stores and protects sensitive data using password. Why? Simply because, this 8GB capacity USB drive will uniquely locked its data with password spoken by its owner.

The Only Voice Authenticating USB Drive uses a uniquely designed complex yet ‘no software to install’ feature voice recognition software that automatically detect the owner’s voice frequencies and nuances without any problem, just plug the USB Drive, give the voice password and once your own voice is authenticated, you can start saving and accessing important data onto the USB storage drive. Cool!

The Only Voice Authenticating USB Drive

Worrying about situations where you can’t access your important files due to the changing of your voice caused by colds and other throat problem? Worry no more, because this first voice authenticating USB flash drive also provides an alternative way to securely access your protected data or in the event of forgotten voice password. The Only Voice Authenticating USB Drive works on either PC or Mac.

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-$49.95 at hammacher