The Only Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer – A sound enhancing device that adjusts amplification automatically

The Only Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer [SOURCE] is not just capable of adjusting automatically the amplification of the owner’s hearing profile but at the same time enhances the sound so users can clearly hear even on the noisiest environment.

Unlike ordinary sound enhancing devices out there that simply increases the sound volume, this hearing enhancer is capable of assessing the wearer’s auditory capability simply by connecting it to the owner’s favorite smartphone device using Bluetooth.

The Only Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer

The Only Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer

So whether you are entering a noisy environment, the enhancer will adjust automatically the bass, treble and even the mid output just unique to the hearing profile of the user, thanks to its included Android and iOS application, the app together with the device engages uniquely in a specific mode just to address the user’s hearing difficulties.

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The Only Self Adjusting Hearing Enhancer is perfect in subways, restaurants, watching TVs or even while driving plus it even includes a uniquely designed canal coverings, a carrying case and a cleaning brush and best of all, the included zinc battery will provide up to 130hrs of power.

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