The Only Responsive Smart Bed – Automatically respond with your desired amount of support to help alleviate back pain

The Only Responsive Smart Bed [VIDEO] is not just unique when it comes to helping sleepers alleviate back pain and other body aches but at the same time unique because it monitors the sleeper’s sleeping position and respond religiously by providing your desired amount of support.

This uniquely designed bed can be paired with an application available for table or smartphones and monitors for up to 2000 pressure points across the sleeper’s body and automatically adjusts overnight to provide sleepers their preferred level of firmness specially under the sleeper’s head, hips and legs, lumbar and shoulder.

The Only Responsive Smart Bed

The Only Responsive Smart Bed

The Smart Bed has 3 operating functions and automatically adjust depending on the sleeper’s position of course without worrying about the bed’s mechanical components because it is strategically located beneath layers of dense memory foam.

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The Only Responsive Smart Bed 1

The Only Responsive Smart Bed has a medical grade, leak-resistant air chambers that inflate or deflate the bed quietly in order not to interrupt your slumber and best of all, covers can be remove for easy laundering. Watch the smart bed in action by clicking the link below.

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