The Only iPad Battery Life Doubler – Protects and Recharges the iPad Perfectly

Looking for a uniquely designed leather case for your iPad? How about expanding your iPad’s battery life while inside this leather cover? No problem, now you can protect your iPad at the same time double its battery life with The Only iPad Battery Life Doubler.

Enjoy full iPad protection at the same time add some extra time for your video and music playing with this cool case, you can even enjoy the highest possible brightness and loudness of your iPad’s music volume and permit WiFi for that heavy gaming online even while it’s inside this cool cover.

The Only iPad Battery Life DoublerThe Only iPad Battery Life Doubler also features a uniquely designed cover that houses a 91/2×9 Inches lithium polymer battery inside its cylindrical tube built right into its cover hinge to minimize space. Simply connect the specially designed cable to the iPad and enjoy continuous gaming, watching and listening while your iPad nestle inside the cover.

The cover is only 1/4″ thick and is capable of protecting the iPad’s 4 sides keeping all controls easy to access. Just don’t forget to fully recharge the battery before going somewhere though.

This cover is compatible with iPad2 and only weighs 3/4lb. Get one now!

-$149.95 at hammacher