The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer – The only Android tablet computer that also plays DVDs

The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer [SOURCE] is not just powerful when it comes to using it as an Android Tablet because it already possesses all the necessary features of a 9 inches 800×480 resolution touch screen display partnered with a quad core processor with 1gb RAM and 8gb memory.

The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer

The Only DVD Playing Tablet Computer

As a tablet computer, it also comes with a card reader, USB port, stereo speaker and other important features to make it the only Android Tablet you’ll ever need.

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Not satisfied with the features above? No problem because this Tablet PC even includes a DVD player so owners can watch their favorite DVD movies right into the DVD playing tablet. Just pop the top up, insert your favorite DVD disc and you’re good to go.

The Only DVD Playing Tablet already includes all the necessary buttons like play, stop and pause of course without adding additional application just perfect for traveling geeks out there who wants to enjoy not just their favorite games but also add some time to watch a full length movie while traveling.

Check the rest of the features [HERE].