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The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager – The only foot massager that delivers both cold or hot therapy to treat swelling and pain

The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager [SOURCE] is designed to take care of your aching feet problem simply because it is capable of delivering both hot or cold therapy treatment enough to pamper the pain you are having in your aching feet, thanks to the foot massager’s targeted Shiatsu massage, kneading soreness will not be a problem.

The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager

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The Only Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager is foot friendly and comes with 6 rollers that moves gently plus it even comes with enhancing feature where owners can select the temperature they want in every massaging session.

For alleviating the swelling and pain caused by running or even from a plantar fasciitis problem, users can simply select the cold settings at 35 degrees Fahrenheit while the warm settings will definitely help promote good blood flow and heal tired feet after that busy day, just set the warm settings to 113 degrees Fahrenheit and let the device do its magic.

This Cold Or Hot Therapy Foot Massager already built with 4 massaging problem that can be easily controlled using a single button and best of all, it already includes an automatic shutoff function so you don’t have to worry about when to stop pampering your aching feet.

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