The One Touch Photo Dialer – The Unique Way of Calling Frequently Dialed Numbers

Tired of dialing your most frequently called numbers? How about customizing it so the next time you need to dial the number, all you have to press is a single button complete with identifying picture so you can recognize the person you are calling easily. Well, all you need is The One Touch Photo Dialer, a gadget that uses pictures to act as a one-touch dialing for your most frequently called telephone nos.

The One Touch Photo Dialer features 12 dialer buttons enough to store all your favorite telephone numbers including those from your neighbors, doctors, emergency and office numbers.


The One Touch Photo Dialer

With One Touch Photo Dialer, all you need are pictures or symbols, link them with their proper telephone number and you’re good to go. Sounds cool right?

Simply plug your telephone to the One Touch Photo Dialer device, plug the dialer into your home’s phone line and start pressing the button to call them. Try it!

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