The One Step Standalone DVD CD Duplicator – Duplicates CDs or DVDs even without computer

Got an important DVD or CD to duplicate but your PC is not working just as expected? Worry no more because duplicating your important data can now be easily done with a touch of a button even without computer, simply insert the source DVD or CD you want to duplicate add a blank DVD on the second tray and start recording. Sounds easy right?

The One Step Standalone DVD CD Duplicator is capable of duplicating accurate copy of a CD or DVD in just a matter of minutes, it can even make a custom play list discs from your favorite audio to produce a collection of tracks.
The One Step DVD CD DuplicatorThis Standalone DVD CD Duplicator comes with 24x and 48x drive speed for DVDs and CDs respectively and has a built-in 64MB buffer to guarantee a no error duplication and best of all, this one step DVD and CD Duplicator also supports all DVD technology platforms.

This duplicator weighs just 10lbs. plugs directly to any AC outlet and will not duplicate encrypted or copyrighted materials.

-$249.95 at hammacher