The One Machine Gym – Perfect in providing head to toe cardio and weight-bearing workout at home

The One Machine Gym —[SOURCE]— is perfect in providing head to toe cardio and weight-bearing workout of course at the comfort of your own home without worrying about extra space because this cardio gym is so small yet powerful enough when it comes to building muscles.

This home cardio gym combines only the best attributes of a stair stepper, stationary bicycle and an elliptical trainer, this 3-in-1 machine even features a sturdy steel frame so even 220lbs. workout fanatics can enjoy strengthening their body at home.

The One Machine Gym

The One Machine Gym

Its 2 2-pound dumbbells and 2 3-pounds dumbbells are stored conveniently at the frame to target the owners upper body.

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The One Machine Gym 1

The One Machine Gym also features a cushioned seat and back for extra comfort and best of all, the included monitor allows the owner to easily see different data including your workout speed, time, distance, calories burned and even your heart rate. Weighs only 103lbs.

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