The Odor Resistant Pillow – with natural hypoallergenic properties to make it resistant to odor causing bacteria

Looking for a perfect pillow that is resistant to odor causing bacteria? Try the Odor Resistant Pillow, a uniquely designed pillow carefully filled with wool equipped with natural hypoallergenic features to make it the best pillow that is resistant to odors.

Equipped with 100 percent polyester ball fiber tube partnered with lavender protective cover cased in 5in vacuum system ball wool so you don’t have to worry again with those nasty odor every time you use it.

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Odor Resistant Pillow

Odor Resistant Pillow

Its organic cotton case on the other hand is designed to cover the pillow without any problem, it even regulates the wool’s light and breathable temperature and humidity just to give you a perfect night sleep every time.

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Odor Resistant Pillow

This pillow uses unique structure system so you don’t have to worry about flattening just like those ordinary synthetic pillows out there and best of all, it only measures 27.5x20x73/4 inches in length, width and diameter.

You can buy the pillow for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.