The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster – An indoor roaster that cooks perfectly without filling the kitchen with smoke or a fishy smell

The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster is an easy to use countertop device designed to help owner perfectly roast fish, other meat and of course your favorite vegetable just perfect for preparing a high protein food without worrying about odors or even smoke when roasting.

The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster

The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster

This fish roaster can cook almost everything starting from your favorite tuna steaks or even to your favorite flatfish, thanks to the device’s uniquely designed filter strategically located right at the roaster’s lid that carefully react with the odor and smoke causing particles partnered with a huge stainless steel rack capable of accommodating fillets or a whole fish.

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The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster 1

This countertop roaster uses a uniquely designed heating reflectors at the top and bottom designed to perfectly give you crisp and mouthwatering roasted fish every time.

The Odor Eliminating Fish Roaster works simply by lifting the cover, filling the pan with water, placing the food you want to roast at the wide rack, select a timer and you’re good to go.

Other unique feature includes an integrated timer, a removable rack for easy cleaning, an included fish spatula and a lot more.

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