The Odor and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier – Removes even the tiniest organic particles

The Odor and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier is capable of removing odors and other air toxic compounds produced by different sources like cleaning solutions, varnish, carpet and the like, thanks to the air purifier’s unique filter technology, now you can have the clean air you want at home or even at your workplace.

This odor and VOC eliminating air purifier features a nano-scale filter material capable of cleaning a surface area of up to 2 badminton playing courts with 99 percent effectiveness in capturing even the tiniest organic particles in a room.

The Odor and VOC Eliminating Air Purifier

This air purifier has a nice colored LED screen that displays important information such as the number of VOC present and the remaining timer as to when the purifier would be able to get rid of them at the same time gives a quick glance of the air quality you have in your room.

This 4lbs. air purifier is very easy to use and operates in 4 different fan speed, its easy to replace and unique filter can last up to 3 years. Go ahead plug one now and start enjoying odorless and VOC free environment.

-$149.95 at hammacher (Out of Stock)

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  1. HEPA that stands for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestor is a type of air filter used for cleaning the air specially in equipments like vacuum cleaners. These air-purifiers filter the particles in the airborne environment down to 0.3 microns in size and at a speed-rate efficiency of 99.97%. The HEPA air-purifiers with their high-efficiency level have trimmed the usage of age-old air-cleaners. They not only purify the air but also remove even the smallest microns of allergens like dust, smoke, pollen, animal danders, bacteria and other industrial/chemicals effectively from the atmosphere.

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