The Nutrient Preserving Soup Making Blender – chops, purees, and heats vegetables and retains optimum nutrients as it blends

The Nutrient Preserving Soup Making Blender [SOURCE] is not just perfect in retaining the optimum amount of nutrients from your favorite fruits and vegetables but at the same time unique because this blender is also capable of chopping and heating vegetables right into the included pitcher.

Unlike ordinary blender out there that is not designed to preserve the vital nutrients in every soup preparation, this clever soup maker unites all the steps needed in order to get the maximum nutrition you’ve been looking for every time you want to prepare a great tasting soup.

The Nutrient Preserving Soup Making Blender

The Nutrient Preserving Soup Making Blender

This soup making blender uses powerful 35k rpm motor capable of destroying raw butternut squash or even your favorite carrots easily and works quickly in just a matter of 7 minutes of preparation from your favorite cream mushroom or tomato bisque of course in hot and deliciously manner.

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The Nutrient Preserving Soup Making Blender is also capable of emulsifying fruits and vegetables in just a matter of minute perfect for preparing you and your kids smoothies while its included pitcher’s spout facilitates serving every time. Recipe booklet already included.

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