The Nutrient Preserving Juicer – A powerful electric juicer that retains more nutrients per glass of juice

Not satisfied with your fruit juicer because it can’t preserve the nutrients your family need every time you make fresh glass of juice? Not anymore, use the Nutrient Preserving Juicer, a powerful juicer capable of retaining more fruit nutrients from your favorite fruits giving you only the best freshly pressed glass of juice every time.

The Nutrient Preserving Juicer

The Nutrient Preserving Juicer

The Nutrient Preserving Juicer has a special feeding tube designed to lessen the need to prepare fruits in small chunks partnered with powerful 2-speed motor design to crush food perfectly without worrying about breaking down essential enzymes.

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The Nutrient Preserving Juicer 1

This electric fruit juicer is capable of accepting whole apples and even whole tomatoes without any problem perfect for eliminating loss of liquid when cut first on a cutting board preserving not only healthful nutrients and at the same time good tasting flavors and aromas in every glass of juice.

The Nutrient Preserving Juicer 2

Whether you want to make crisp and flavorful bread partnered with the perfectly brewed coffee in the morning, this automatic fruit juicer is just your perfect addition to your kitchen gadgets collection because it operates in quiet mode, thanks to the juicer’s unique yet heavy duty and powerful brush-less motor partnered with different accessories for facilitating different frozen desserts and of course your favorite great tasting sorbets.

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