The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser – makes fresh ice cubes and dispenses water without requiring a plumbing installation

The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser —[SOURCE]— is capable of making ice cubes in just a mater of minutes just perfect if you want to serve cold beverages to your guests any time.

This countertop dispenser is also perfect in dispensing ice cold water of course without the need of a plumbing installation, thanks to its uniquely designed body, now you can prepare ice or even cold water at home easily.

The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser

The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser

This dispenser can be positioned anywhere you want, on a deck, patio or even on your pool terrace and because it already includes half gallon of water tank, serving ice cubes straight to your favorite glass is now possible.

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The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser 1

The Non-Plumbed Ice Maker Water Dispenser already includes a digital display so owners can easily select different cube sizes and best of all, its alarm feature will easily notify the owner specially if the reservoir is already empty. Weighs 25lbs. and only measures 14x12x16 inches in height, width and diameter respectively.

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