The No Charge Smart Watch – Sends alert using Bluetooth technology but uses little energy to keep battery last for years

You want to be notified when someone sends you an important email? How about missed calls, social media activity or even low phone battery? Use the No Charge Smart Watch [SOURCE], a uniquely designed smart watch that allows the owner to connect to their favorite iPhone or Android phone through Bluetooth technology without worrying about charging the device every now and then simply because this smart watch uses only a fraction of the energy required allowing the included battery to last for years.

The No Charge Smart Watch

The No Charge Smart Watch

The No Charge Smart Watch automatically displays an alert icon on the smart watch screen and on the buttons allowing the owners to stop whatever activity they are doing on their phone like playing music or taking pictures so they can respond to the alert given.

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The No Charge Smart Watch 1

This smart watch is made with brushed stainless steel bezel partnered with scratch resistant glass and rubber strap while its water resistant feature allows the wearer to be notified any time anywhere. Never missed those important calls again or answer those incoming text on your phone right away with the help of the No Charge Smart Watch unique notification function.

Read the rest of the features [HERE].

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