The Night Vision Video Binoculars – Now you can clearly view photograph or record videos of subjects in near total darkness from up to 100 meters away.

You want to view photograph clearly or record clear videos even in total darkness? How about stargazing at night or watching your favorite animal’s habit at your favorite campsite? Use the Night Vision Video Binoculars [SOURCE], a digital binocular capable of displaying clear view of photos and videos captured even from 100 meters away.

The Night Vision Video Binoculars

The Night Vision Video Binoculars

The Night Vision Video Binoculars uses 2-watt infrared LED lights perfect for displaying objects right on its easy to view LED monitor, plus it even comes with 8 different brightness, 3x optical magnification levels, 2x digital zoom and a manual focus wheel that will enable owners switch between preferred settings to get a clear view of their favorite moving objects.

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The Night Vision Video Binoculars 1

Captured photos and videos can be displayed straight into its LED monitor or saved onto a memory card for easy viewing later and best of all, this video binocular can also be used for day time use, simply add batteries to enjoy hours of night or day photo or video viewing and recording.

This video binocular has a textured rubberized body for an easy to grip viewing and a padded neck strap so you can bring it anywhere you go.

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