The Nexus Drive Solar Pro – The Quick And Legal Solution To Answering Phone Calls

Can’t answer the phone because you are driving? How many times you missed that important phone call? Here’s Nexus Drive Solar Pro, a quick and legal solution to answering any incoming phone calls even when you are driving, simply mount this Bluetooth Car Kit into your windshield using its suction cup and presto! No more missed calls.

The Nexus Drive Solar Pro features an enhanced data rate Bluetooth V2.0 with operating distance of up to 10 meters and a frequency of up to 2.48GHz ISM band. The Nexus Drive Solar Pro also supports headset and handset 1.5 profiles, a phonebook storage of up to 450 contacts, 8 paired memory devices and a talk time of up to 13 hours. The Nexus Drive Solar Pro supports a multiple charging options like charging it using your car’s cigarette lighter, a USB and into its powerful solar charging panel.

– £44.95 at gizoo