The Next Generation Instant Camera – pairs easily with an iPhone or Android smartphone to provide a contemporary digital experience

The Next Generation Instant Camera [SOURCE] is not just capable of pairing the device to your favorite Android smartphone or iPhone gadget easily but at the same time unique when it comes to providing modern-day digital experience.

Equipped with an ergonomic design and size that easily fits the hand of a photo enthusiasts partnered with well-known sound of a classic mechanical camera operation yet perfect in capturing beautiful images on its included color film.

The Next Generation Instant Camera

The Next Generation Instant Camera

This instant camera provides a 3.5×4 1/4 inches prints in a matter of minutes, thanks also to its included application where owners can easily add some creative effects and controls that other instant cameras can’t provide.

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The Next Generation Instant Camera is also equipped with 3-step exposure function, shutter buttons, auto-focus system including the f10 up to f64 apertures while its 8-LED ring flash are perfect in adapting to ambient light or even provides a nice and soft light perfect for portraits.

Watch the camera in action [HERE].