The Neck Pain Relieving Car Head Rest – supports the head, neck, and shoulders while driving

The Neck Pain Relieving Car Head Rest is unique because it is capable of supporting the user’s head, shoulder and neck while driving.

Thanks to the headrest’s memory foam cushion that can be secured easily to the car’s driver seat using the included strap, helping the driver’s head, neck and shoulder to be aligned properly in order to lessen or even prevent any pain from movements or by slumping is now possible every time.

Neck Pain Relieving Car Head Rest

The Neck Pain Relieving Car Head Rest

This car headrest for relieving neck pain is constructed by high density memory foam designed to perfectly contour the user’s body, helping them get rid of any discomforts simply by helping the driver get that perfect head, neck and shoulder alignment shape in focus every time.

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Neck Pain Relieving Car Head Rest1

This Car Head Rest was designed not just for car’s headrest but also for home and office chairs so you can work perfectly any time anywhere and best of all, it already includes a cover that can be easily remove for washing. Weighs only 1 1/4lbs and only measures 15x11x4 1/4in in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy the memory foam cushion for only $49.95 with lifetime guarantee.