The NBA Jam Two-Player Countertop Arcade Game – lets two hoopsters battle each other in a classic full-court basketball game

The NBA Jam Multiplayer Countertop Arcade Game (currently taking orders here) is perfect for wannabe NBA stars out there simply because it will allow them to enjoy a full court basketball game right at the comfort of their very own arcade room.

Thanks to this uniquely designed arcade table, getting that perfect 3-point-shot or doing that monster dunk and even enjoying a fast break without wasting any sweat is now possible at home with their friends.

NBA Jam Countertop Arcade

This countertop arcade game for basketball fanatics will be armed with arcade buttons partnered with action joysticks already built on an 8 inches LCD screen capable of displaying in full color.

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NBA Jam Countertop Arcade1

The NBA Jam Two-Player Countertop Arcade Game also features a built-in marquee that lit nicely, it even comes with an artwork designed and inspired by real arcade gameplay while its built-in speaker complete with volume control will allow basketball fans to enjoy not just the game itself but at the same time those vintage sound effects every time. Weighs only 12lbs and only measures 20.5×12.5×19 inches in height, width and diameter respectively just perfect for kids ages 14 years old and above.

You can buy the NBA Jam countertop arcade for only $399.95 with lifetime guarantee.