The Naturally Chilling Ceramic Ice Bucket – An award winning bucket that keeps ice colder for longer

The Naturally Chilling Ceramic Ice Bucket [SOURCE] is perfect if you want to keep ice cubes to stay chilled for up to 4 straight hours, thanks to the bucket’s uniquely designed insulating properties of ceramic, maintaining the ice colder and longer is now possible.

The Naturally Chilling Ceramic Ice Bucket

The Naturally Chilling Ceramic Ice Bucket

This 20oz ice bucket works simply by running the bucket under cold water before using to allow its glassless ceramic ware exterior take up the water temperature to keep the ice chilled longer plus it even features a nicely designed lid that works magically to prevent heat from entering, giving your favorite drinks frozen till noon of course without dashing back and forth to your freezer.

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This ceramic ice bucket uses modern Scandinavian construction and unlike ordinary picnic cooler out there, this sleek and easy to use and portable ice bucket will simply add an elegant look when displayed on your favorite tabletop.

The Naturally Chilling Ceramic Ice Bucket also comes with glazed interior that does not absorb odors and best of all, its dishwasher safe and already includes a serving tongs.

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