The Myofascial Massager – A handheld massager equipped with 3 treatment modes

The Myofascial Massager —[SOURCE]— is perfect when it comes to massaging away aching knots implanted in the owner’s myofascial tissues around the muscles, thanks to the developer of this handheld massager, now you can get rid of painful knots at home.

This massager is equipped with 3 treatment modes like percussive and vibration massage and is very easy and safe to use specially on almost every part of the body including your arms, feet, shoulders and even your neck and back.

The Myofascial Massager

The Myofascial Massager

This handheld massager even comes with a bonnet cover specially designed for treating directly on the user’s skin or even for over-clothing treatment with or without lotion.

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The Myofascial Massager 1

The Myofascial Massager has a recommended treatment of 2x per day for up to 10 minutes per body parts to see effective results and best of all, it only weighs 4 1/4lbs.

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