The Musical Plush Caterpillar – a plush toy that makes piano sounds and plays music

The Musical Plush Caterpillar is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for a plush toy that can entertain your kids ages 2 years old and above. (Available Here for only $69.95)

Thanks to this uniquely designed plush caterpillar, providing kids with some fun time hugging and at the same time making piano and even playing music sound at home is now possible any time.

Musical Plush Caterpillar

This musical plush toy is very easy to use, kids will simply touch each of the caterpillar’s segments to enjoy different music notes and because it provides a full octave, wannabe composers can always make their custom music without any problem.

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Musical Plush Caterpillar 2

The Musical Plush Caterpillar is capable of playing popular kids songs like Twinkle, Twinkle or the Alphabet Song simply by pressing the caterpillar’s antennae and best of all, it is very soft and cozy, just perfect for kids to have some hugging time. Weighs only 3.5lbs and only measures 5 feet in length.

You can buy this plush caterpillar for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee and satisfaction.