The Multi Directional Heater – circulates air vertically and horizontally for better warmth distribution

The Multi Directional Heater is your perfect answer especially if you are looking for a heater capable of providing better warmth distribution at home anytime.

Thanks to this uniquely designed heater equipped with 1500watt air heater power enough to circulate air in any direction just to provide you with that perfect warm you’ve been looking for at home.

Multi Directional Heater

The Multi Directional Heater

This heater even features dual oscillating motors to allow its heating features to warm up 30 degrees, 50 degrees down, and even directing it at 80 degrees from left to right with heat or without.

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Multi Directional Heater1

The Multi Directional Heater is very easy to use and control, thanks to its uniquely designed touch panel located strategically right at the heaters handle so owners can easily select different heating elements and even choose the number of hour timer, it even comes with a remote control for controlling the device easily and best of all, it only measures 21×8 inches in height and diameter and only weighs 5lbs.

You can buy the 1500watt heater for only $79.95 with lifetime guarantee.