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The Mounted Photo Album Digital Converter – converts photographs into digital images without removing them from the photo album

The Mounted Photo Album Digital Converter [SOURCE] is capable of converting photos from your favorite album straight into a digital format of course without removing the images from the photo album, thanks to its uniquely designed anti-glare technology built into the photo album converter, scanning photos and turning them into a digital format is now easier than ever.

The Mounted Photo Album Digital Converter

This photo album converter device works simply by resting the device on an album page, displaying the subject straight into its integrated LCD screen while its 14 megapixel CMOS sensor scan the photo as jpeg format.

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This digital photo converter already includes a port where you can save the digital image into an SD card or even use the included USB cable for transferring the captured image straight into your favorite PC.

The Mounted Photo Album Digital Converter is also capable of converting slides and film negatives up to 3200dpi resolution and best of all, it already comes with photo editing application, tray and power adapter. This device supports the latest operating system including Windows 10 and can accept photographs up to 4×6 inches.

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