The Motorized Dirt Digger – enables a child to dig sand and dirt just like the real thing

The Motorized Dirt Digger is your kids perfect ride-on backhoe simply because it allows them to dig dirt or sand of course just like those real backhoe out there.

Thanks to the backhoe’s powerful motor partnered with its fully functioning bucket arm, operating it using its easy to use handles will simply provide your kids a fun and realistic dirt digging movements including those ups and downs, in and out and even the popular side to side rotation movements of a dirt digger.

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Motorized Dirt Digger

Motorized Dirt Digger

This motorized ride on backhoe is capable of speeding up to 2.5mph speed, it even comes with 2 forward gears and reverse function partnered with realistic backhoe sound effects like engine start, idling sound and even the beep sound when the backhoe is in reverse mode.

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Motorized Dirt Digger 1

The Motorized Dirt Digger even features a nice twin headlights so kids can see its work site without any problem and best of all, it has a detachable cab roof and an included hard hat to complete the look of a wannabe backhoe driver out there. Weighs only 54lbs and only measures 64.5x26x42.5 inches in length, width and height respectively.

You can buy the motorized backhoe ride on for only $349.95 with lifetime guarantee.