The Motion Sickness Relief Band – A wearable device that stimulates nerves on the inner wrist to provide medication-free relief of motion sickness.

The Motion Sickness Relief Band [SOURCE] is designed to stimulate nerves on the wearer’s wrist in order to provide motion sickness relief caused by traveling frequently by air, boat or vehicle, thanks to the band’s unique and gentle electrostatic pulses design to disrupt nerve signals between stomach and brain that cause nausea.

The Motion Sickness Relief Band

The Motion Sickness Relief Band

This wearable band is quick at alleviating symptoms of course without causing drowsiness perfect for traveling geeks out there who wants to have a medication-free relief of motion sickness plus it even comes with different intensity settings perfect for relieving nausea caused by other medical condition, treatment, surgery and pregnancy.

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The Motion Sickness Relief Band 1

This splash-resistant motion sickness relief band already includes a conductive gel and 2 CR2025 battery capable of providing up to 150 hours of straight use of course in medium power only. Also includes an adjustable nylon strap for that perfect fit every time.

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