The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid – A robot that uses advanced motion detection technology to mimic body gestures effectively

The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid  [SOURCE] is a uniquely designed robot that uses advanced motion detection skills in order to mimic gestures specially the upper body. Thanks to the robot’s classy yet specially designed microchip that is built right into the robot’s arms and feet, mimicking its owner’s body movement will not be a problem.

The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid

The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid

This motion mimicking robot requires an iPhone to be position at the robot’s chest partnered with a uniquely designed application will allow the robot to see and recognize any movements of course using the iphone’s camera.

The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid 1

This mimicking robot can be trained to move and taught what to say simply by setting the robot into programming mode, go ahead try grasping his arms and speak to him and you will exactly see the sequence of movements complete with voice.

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The Motion Mimicking Mechanoid 2

The motion mimicking mechanoid is built using 100 durable plastic pieces and uses your iPhone’s memory capacity to determine how long it can continue mimicking.

Perfect for ages 3 years old and above and already includes a rechargeable battery that can be charge using its included AC adapter.

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