The Motion Activated Garage Light – automatically bathes a garage in light that’s 3.8X brighter than ordinary bulb

The Motion Activated Garage Light is not just unique when it comes to lighting up your garage automatically but at the same time cool because it bathes a garage in light almost 4x brighter, better than any other ordinary 60watt bulb out there.

Thanks to the lights motion activated feature, now you don’t have to worry about pressing a button every time you visit your garage, attic, utility room and a lot more without any problem.

Motion Activated Garage Light

This garage light already comes with 3 aluminum heads partnered with 24 LEDs capable of producing up to 3000 lumens, perfect for lighting any dark room in crisp and clear white light of course that radiates in different directions yet consumes only 24w of power.

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Motion Activated Garage Light1

The Motion Activated Garage Light is the best garage light out there because it is equipped with a highly sensitive motion sensor capable of detecting footsteps or every time you open a door to make sure it lights up as you get inside and best of all, it automatically turns off after you get out or exit.

You can buy the motion activated garage light for only $129.95 with lifetime guarantee.