The Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum – uses powerful vacuuming power to clean vehicle’s interior effectively

The Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum is equipped with 500w powerful motor capable of providing enough vacuuming power so you can clean your car’s interior without any hustle.

Thanks to its powerful yet easy to handle and carry vacuum design partnered with long flexible hose and different attachments, now you can easily clean your car’s interior even those hard to reach areas easily.

Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum

Most Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum

This handheld car vacuum is perfect for cleaning a car’s headrests, consoles and even the mirrors and because it is made with steel, collecting dirt and other trash will not be a problem.

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Powerful Handheld Car Vacuum 1

This Handheld Car Vacuum already comes with an inflation nozzle, a shoulder strap and a bag and best of all, it only measures 16.5×5.5×4 inches in length, width and diameter and only weighs 3lbs.

You can buy the handheld car vacuum for only $169.95 with lifetime guarantee.