The Mosquito Population Decimator – A cordless outdoor trap that decimates the mosquito population before they can hatch

The Mosquito Population Decimator [SOURCE] is not just capable of killing mosquitoes but also unique because this device is also capable of capturing and of course destroying them before they hatch.

Thanks to this uniquely designed trap, simply fill it with distilled or even rain water, allow its non-toxic attractant imitative the breeding ground of mosquitoes and witness the power of the trap as it periodically flushes away the mosquito eggs.

UntitledThe Mosquito Population Decimator

The Mosquito Population Decimator

This mosquito trap is perfect for drastically lessening the spread of mosquito generations plus it even comes with rustproof tank, touchpad panel and an LED capable of mimicking dusk and down to perfectly lure mosquitoes specially when they are most active.

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The Mosquito Population Decimator already includes filter, 8 double-a batteries and a 30-day supply of attractant.

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