The Mobile Technology Carry On – The perfect mobile carry on for every traveling geeks

The Mobile Technology Carry On is perfect for every traveling geeks out there who wants to bring with them all their gadgets every time they travel simply because this rolling carry-on already includes different sizes of pockets that is designed to hold their favorite laptops, tablets and other tech gadgets and accessories keeping it always accessible anytime and every time.

The Mobile Technology Carry On

The Mobile Technology Carry On

This mobile carry on is designed to easily provide quick access to pockets, thanks to its uniquely designed exterior compartment, accessing a 17 inch laptop or even your favorite tablet is now easier and best of all secure, it even includes a pocket for storing headphones, chargers and cameras.

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The Mobile Technology Carry On 1

The Mobile Technology Carry On is made using high density poly-carbonate/ABS and has thickness of 2.6mm just enough to secure stored devices with every impact encountered during travel and best of all, it also comes with a uniquely designed interior capable of holding a weekend’s worth of clothes. This rolling carry-on rolls on 4 wheels and has a rotating wheel function for that easy and comfortable transport, it even includes a telescoping handle to enable owners an optimal control when rolling around airport and airplane aisles.

The Mobile Technology Carry On 2

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