The Military Ballistic Grade Safety Glasses – with two sets of interchangeable lenses that are fog and scratch resistant

The Military Ballistic Grade Safety Glasses is not just unique when it comes to protecting your eyes from UV A and B light but at the same time your perfect pair of safety glasses without sacrificing style.

These safety glasses are equipped with different frames where owners can use interchangeably, it even allows the owner to adjust its temple length in order to get that customized fit every time.

Military Ballistic Grade Safety Glasses

The Military Ballistic Grade Safety Glasses

These military grade safety glasses are every comfortable to wear, thanks to its soft flexible fingers, conforming to almost any type of nasal profile and even lessening slippage and even improving the correct fit will not be a problem.

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Military Ballistic Grade Safety Glasses1

The Military Grade Safety Glasses also features a uniquely designed brow guard designed to help diffuse and deflect different impacts and best of all, it has a unique ventilation system for that fog and moisture free wearing even on extended use.

You can buy the safety glasses for only $69.95 with lifetime guarantee.