The Micro 4K Video Camera – its in purse, pocket, or the palm of a hand

The Micro 4K Video Camera [SOURCE] is a small yet powerful video camera equipped with 16 megapixel and is capable of capturing ultra high-definition video at 25fps.

With a size that fits in pocket, purse or the owner’s palm, this 4k video camera even features a 4640×3480 resolution enough to capture high definition still images perfect for recording your next hiking or touring adventure.

The Micro 4K Video Camera

The Micro 4K Video Camera

This 4K camera captures video using its 7-layer 152 degrees wide-angle lens plus it even comes with an integrated HD microphone so owners can capture audio while roaming around.

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The Micro 4K Video Camera 1

The Micro 4K Video Camera also features a built-in motion detector, 2 inch LCD display screen and a magnetic mount so owner’s can attached it with their favorite bike or automobile and best of all, it already includes a waterproof carrying case, backup battery, lens cover, viewing connector, remote, usb cable and a base attachment. Weighs 3oz. only.

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